VH Series.

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Hydraulic weight Counterbalance.
Due to hydraulic weight counterbalance in the vertical axis, the weight of the milling and verical carriage is hydraulically compensated so that the long-term precision was increased and the load of the ball scress and feed drive could be decreased, which gives way to an extremely high positioning accuracy: thus, the VH machines can be used in the large tool production without any problem.


VH modular design.

Due to the use of a modular design, an optimum gradation in the X axis traveling range between 2000 to 3500 mm and thus a cost-effective use tailored to customer specification is guaranteed. Design and construction where made using the finite element methood(FEM).


Safety system.

An additional braking system on Z axis prevent the lowering of the milling head and saddle when switching off the machine or on case of a failure of the hydraulic weight counterbalance.

Standard horizontal spindle.

A powerful AC motor in connection with the automatioc 2-steps transmission generates high torques at the spindle.

Work spindle speeds and rotating direction are directly selected or programmed via the control.

The standard equipment VH2000L up to VH3500L offer a generously dimensioned horizontal spindle with four bearings and a front bearing diameter of 90mm, tools are held with a force of 32000kN.

Consequently, ultra high machining forces can be reached without any problems.

Rigid construction.
The overall sturdy design ensures stability, torsional rigidity and extremely high table load options.

All of the large components as base, column, saddle, ram as well as table are made from heavily ribbed Meehanite cast iron.

Pre-Loaded & pre-tensioned being designed on ballscrew make sure machine accuracy into stable and long term kept.

Roller's block plus Linear Guide way on X-axis. Low friction. Larger capactity keep very good "Rigid" and "Postitioning" as movement.



Applications with manual unitersal head (3500 rpm)


Automatic two positions milling head.



Technical specifications.

ITEM VH-2000L VH-2600L VH-3000L VH-3500L
X axis travel - mm 2000 2600 3000 3500
Y axis travel - mm 1200
Z axis travel - mm 1000
Table size (LxW) - mm 2100x1000 2700x1000 3100x1000 3600x1000
Spindle speed - rpm 4000
Spindle motor (30min) FANUC - KW(HP) 15/18.5 (22/26)