TM Series.

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The Feature of the TM-1500.
  • The multi-function machine with B-axis can easy have bevel angle drilling and cutting work.
  • The machine use special Electro Spindle, the spindle speed can reach 12000rpm and torque 103Nm, it is a special machine can do first mill and end mill in the same machine.
  • The Y-axis design is perpendicular type, and match with our moving column machine structure, the Y-axis have complete movement It will not have dead space for the travel. (Y-axis travel +/- 220mm).(applying for patent now.)
  • 12" chuck (C-axis) + servo tailstock (M.T #5) + 40 tools ATC (Capto C6) + 1500mm Z-axis travel + B-axis (-10° ~ +230°)=Perfect machine.
B axis travel 240° (-10°~+230°).

The B-axis is driven by DD build-in motor, the best torgue is 1200Nm, and with curved coupling it can easy do a heavy cutting job shop work and also curved surface milling.

Technical specifications.

ITEM TM-1500
Max swing - mm (in) Ø815 (32)
Bar capacity - mm (in) Ø85 (3.3)
X axis - mm (in) 700+50 (27.5+2)
Z axis - mm (in) 1550 (61)
Spindle speeds range - rpm 2500
Chuck size - in 12