MT Series.

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Coolant Through Ball Screw.

The servo motors are connected to the ball screws with rigid shaft couplings. These couplings ensure that even under severe loading from sharp machining, precise interpolation is achieved. This design is superior to both belt driven and flexible shaft coupling designs (with pretension).

Directly Coupled Servo Motors.

Cooling oil is circulated through the three axes ball screws. Ball screws are pre-tensioned and combined with the use of double-nuts to reduce thermal strain and keep backlash to a minmum. Extremely smooth motion is assured, even under rapid traverse of 32 meters per minute.

C Axis.

In the one machine can do a turning for O450 working piece with 450 rpm, O450 working piece with 5-axes curved surface cutting, O450 working piece high speed cutting or 400x400, 5 faces drilling job.

B Axis.

The load and un-load area is different with cutting area, when machine is cutting you can doing load and un-loading job, it can increase the efficiency and accuracy for the cutting.

Oil skimmer.

LEADWELL's spindle probe option uses a spindle probe and custom macros. This option simplifies workpiece setup by automatically storing work offsets to the machine offset register. The spindle probe option, in conjunction with macro programs, is capable of performing rapid first part inspection, in process reporting, and unmanned machining operations.

Spindle probe.

Designed for collecting the oil dust in the coolant tank for reclamation and meeting environmental protection requirements.

Machine in Action - Video Clip.

Technical specifications.

X axis travel - mm (in) 720 (28.34)
Y axis travel - mm (in) 500
Z axis travel - mm (in) 610
Size of working surface 3D - mm (in) O450X520H
Spindle speeds - min-1 12000