LEADWELL's mission is to constantly search for excellence and gain respect in the industry. Using our 25 years of experience, the entire staff at LEADWELL pledges to bring innovation, quality assurance, worldclass after sales service, and environmentally friendly machine tools to the worldwide marketplace.


We strive to win the respect of both our customers and world wide competitors alike.

Cast Iron Constraction.











  • The LTC Series utilizes oversized box ways for high horse power machining. The extremely rigid base frame in combination with the box ways provide outstanding stability for precision turning.
  • LEADWELL uses only top quality well-ribbed castings.
  • Advanced Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) is used for analyzing new casting to determine the size and location of all internal ribs,ensuring high torsional stffness and minimum vibration.
  • The cast iron base,saddle,headstock,slide and tailstock are ruggedly constructed for superior stability and machining accuracy.
  • Isolated gear box (opt.)

The headstock is a thermally symmetric design with heat dissipating fins. This design prevents thermal distortion during long machining cycles.

Easy Chip Disposal.











  • The 45 - degree slant bed design allows chips to fall directly into the chip tank,avoiding accumulation inside the machine.
  • The chip tank has large wheels, making it easy to move for chip removal and cleaning.
  • An available on all models.
Box Ways (LTC series).

The LTC-Series utillizes precision box ways for high hhorse power machining. The extra rigidity of the box ways provides stability for precision turning.

Double Nut ball Screws.











  • LEADWELL uses only premium quality preloaded double-nut ballscrews from THX,PMI,Rexroth (STAR) and HIWIN. Each ball screw is accurately aligned parallel to the box ways and anchored at both ends
  • Ball screws are pretensioned to improve machine stiffness.The rotational torque variation is inspected to guarantee non-binding, highly accurate, and long running components.This assures lifetime accuracy and maximum service life.











  • The heavy-duty tailstock is attached to the lower guide of the machine base. The heavy casting,large diameter quill and precision morse taper center provide outstanding rigidity.
  • The quill adjustment is hydraulic adding to the rigidity of the machine.
  • An optional programmable tailstock is available on all models.
Tool Setter option.

The tool setter has a touch sensor that can measure varying tool lengths and detect broken tools.It can be easily programmed to store all the tool information to reduce tool changing time.

Live Tooling Option & C-Axis Option.

The Live Tooling option turns the turret into multiple auxiliary spindles.
The turret spindle supports milling,drilling,and tapping.

The headstock spindle becomes a fully programmable servo axis with the C-Axis option.
C Axis index resolution:0.001 degrees.

By synchronizing the optional C Axis with the live tooling,machining of cylindrical cams and other complex work pieces becomes easy,saving time and money for each part.
Switching between normal turning & synchronization with live tooling takes less than 1 second.

Technical specifications.

Max swing - mm (in) 720 (28.3)
Bar capacity - mm (in) 90 (3.5) / 115 (4.5)Opt.
X axis - mm (in) 300+20 (12+0.8) / 344+10(13.5+0.4)Opt.
Z axis - mm (in) 1100 (43) 1600 (63) 2100 (83) 3100 (122) 4100 (161.4)
Spindle speeds range - rpm 2500 / 2000 Opt.
Chuck size - mm (in) 305 (12) / 381 (15) Opt.

Standard Accessories.

  • RS232 interface
  • Fully enclosure guarding
  • Work light
  • Metric disc
  • Heat exchanger
  • Leveling screws and pads
  • Maintenance tool box
  • Buzzer
  • 3" jaw open center chuck
  • Chuck Foot switch
  • Wide angle v-belt
  • Programmable tailstock

Optional Accessories.

  • HTD belt
  • Second coolant system
  • Spindle side coolant nozzle
  • VDI tool disc
  • Tool setter
  • Alarm lamp
  • Air conditioner in cabinet
  • Tool tip air blow system
  • High pressure coolant
  • Oil mist collector
  • Status lights
  • Chip conveyor
  • Chip bucket
  • 2 speed gearbox
  • Manual steady rest
  • Auto steady rest with hydraulic
  • Linear scales
  • C axis and power tooling
  • Oil skimmer
  • Transformer
  • 18i-TB FANUC computer control