The special desing of this machine simplifies the press bending, punching, bending, and cutting processes for all kinds of tubes, section bars and flat bars. The hydraulic cylinder that is located under the machine's work table gives the adventage of having all kinds of movements, related with operations. The controls that are located in front of the machine made it easy to control the entire oparation. Tempered and ground steel is used in the slide pin and the adjustment of the stroke is done by a high precision electrical limit switch.

Standard Accessories.

  • Motion Control System
  • Main Axises are controlled by servo motor
  • Assistant components are hydraulic
  • Quick communication via the using of indusrial ethernet
  • Touchscreened panel Pc
  • Manual,half automatic and automatic working capability
  • Tube length can be computed according to part program
  • Part programming in YBC mode
  • Mandrel can be used as active and passive on part programming
  • Mandrel lubrication system
  • Drilling process can be added to program
  • Capability of Rolling
  • The part which is shown on the program can be visible 3D
  • Hydraulic lubrication cooler

Technical Details.

Maks. Bending Daim 38 mm 76 mm

Maks. Thickness

2 mm

3 mm

Bending Degree Max.

180 degree

Bending Radious Max.

150 mm 260 mm

Feeding Speed

max. 1000 mm/sec. -

Rotation Speed

200 degree/sec 120 degree/sec
Bending Speed max. 90 30 degree/sec


0.1 mm

1 mm


0.1 degree 1 degree
Bending 0.1 degree -
Hydr.motor Power hid. 5.5 kW 7.5 kW
Maks. hydr.hyd.Preassure 140 bar 180 bar
Oil Tank Capacity 120 lt