The special desing of this machine simplifies the press bending, punching, bending, and cutting processes for all kinds of tubes, section bars and flat bars. The hydraulic cylinder that is located under the machine's work table gives the adventage of having all kinds of movements, related with operations. The controls that are located in front of the machine made it easy to control the entire oparation. Tempered and ground steel is used in the slide pin and the adjustment of the stroke is done by a high precision electrical limit switch.


Technical Details.

  BBP 22 BBP 40
Body St 52 -

Workbench Dimensions

630 x 1100 mm

625 x 1100 mm

Max Operating Pressure

22 Ton 40 ton

Carriage Stroke

200 mm 250 mm

Carriage Speed

1750 mm/sn 1750 mm/sn

Press Bending Capacity

120 x 15 mm 120 x 20 mm
Tool Holding Pins -


120 mm


55 mm
Hydraulic Power Unit 45 lt
3-Phase 2.5 hp 4 hp
Elect.Mot 220/380 v.-50 Hz 1.5 kW 3 kW
Bending Press Dimensions -
Width 625 mm 630 mm
Height 1100 mm
Lenght 1300 mm 1150 mm


630 kg 900 kg