HD Plasma.

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General Characteristics of Plasma Cutter

  • Visual opportunily to cut comfortably with 19''TFT LCD touch screen monitor
  • Positioning capability at high speeds through double-sided gear drive.
  • Ability to maintain constant at the same height and the quality with the Arc contor sensor.
  • 20m/min speed with linear quide ways. Linear and precise cutting ability at X and Y axes.
  • Possibility of sorting hundreds of pieces on the plate with a single click
  • The duration of the cut piece and the opportunity to see on the screen as a percentage of waste
  • Opportunity to see the duration of the cut and the percentage of the waste on the screen.
  • Bridge system, dozens of piece out with a single piercing. Work in a cleasn and refreshing environment with the suction system.
  • Ability to cut in different sizes (such as; 1500x3000,1500x6000,2000x40000,2000x6000,2500x6000,2500x8000) with a minimum space and withourt any lose
Plasma Equipments- Mechanical System And Motors.

CNC Unit

  • Industrial type pc and related with equipment appeals to today's technology
  • High level software includes all cutting processes
  • 19'' the touch screen and the feature of full automatic sequencing includes full nesting.
  • English and turkish language options.
  • Cnc programmes are CNC,LOS,ESSI,EIA ETC..recording in modesand running the files.
  • The feature of stop, rollback, go forward, change of machine's location and re-cutting while cutting.
  • Cutting parts in another shape by stopping machine while cutting and depending on this, it does not lose the starting point of the first cut parts.
  • Watching all cutting process on one screen during cutting and interfering to cutting ( Blasting time, Blasting height cutting speed).

Digital Motor

  • Digital motor
  • Working with 220 Vac
  • Controlled with resolver not encoder
  • Motor powers are at least 1 Kw
  • The motor cables should have the standart of EU 60204. (DIN VDE O113 VDC O100)
  • Planetary type gear units, it is 6 Acr / min.
Radan CAD / CAM Software.

CNC profiling for your existing CAD Solution
Essential Profile provides the perfect CAM solution if you are planning to utilise your current CAD investment. It cost effectively provides your operators with the market- leading Radan CAM solution they require to reduce lead times and optimise your lasers, plasmas, water jets and flame cutting machines.

Seamless programming
Essential Profile seamlessly integrates the whole programming procces from part nesting, cut path profiling, sequencing, code generation and finally DNC connectivity to the machine controller.

Accuracy and consistency
Material specific lead-ins, lead-outs, tagging, machine tool specific cutting technology data and material nesting characteristics are stored in the Manufacturing Database (MDB) in readiness for instantaneous distribution when required to assist an operator or automated procces.


Efficiency is everything
A machine tool is only as efficient as the software driving it, so that is why we personally install every Radan post processor to ensure that it is commisioned to match your machine tool and controller. It is your production efficiency that itis controlling, and thatis why your software is important to us.

Lantek Expert Cut.

Lantek Expert Cut is a CAD/CAM system specially designed to automate programming of sheet metal cutting machines (oxy- cut, plasma, laser and water jet.) I ars experience and close collaboration with both manufactures and users of this type of machine.

Nesting: Semi- automatic and manuel nesting provide great flexibility and optimum performance. The perfect combination of automatic and semiautomatic nesting along with powerful manuel nesting functions like: copying, moving, rotating, etc. The automatic nesting of Lantek Expert optimizes the utilization of parts on any sheet remnant.


Lantek Expert Cut allows configuration and management of the type and value of lead-in/lead-out for different types of contours. It is possible to common cut between different parts or limit to pairs of parts (with micro-joints and pre-cuts.) It detects any errors in the desing and machining.


Laser Techology

Lantek Expert Cut provides specific laser technology tables for each type of machine; management of reduced lead in/lead-out with runback; personalized piercing; fast piercing; sprint- laser; flying cut; micro- welds; micro-joints; head management; contour attributes; automatic and manual extractions.

Technical specifications.

Machine Speed - mm/min 30 ( positioning speed)
Positioning sensitivity - mm 0.05
Repeat sensitivity - mm 0.01
Number of stations 1 Plasma Station (Optional Max. 2 Pcs)
Distance Control Arc Distance Control System (Comman THC - Hyperterm-ABD)
Control System Infinity Wesbus
Plasma System Hypertherm Series
Cutting table Automatic control of smoke suction table
Placement Program Radan Profile CAD/CAM - Lantek CAD/CAM automatic ranking.