VTL 1600F/2000F/


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Table Drive Gearbox.

The table rotation is transmitted through a gearbox, providing high / low speed ranges.
A foreced circulated lubrication system is used for lubricating gears.

Beam Positioning Racks.

The beam positions on two rails with 3 stops on each rail, and is clamped securely by hydraulic power.
Accurate perpendicularity between two clamping head is achieved through additional stops.

Linear Scale (Optional).

The X, Z-axes are available to be equipped with a linear scale, providing closed loop feedback control.

Air Conditioner for Electric Cabinet.

The electric cabinet is equipped with an air conditioner to achieve best possible heat dissipation and stable working temperature; therefore; the electric components have extended lifetime.

Oil Skimmer (Optional).

The coolant tank is available to equip with an Oil Skimmer that prevents oil deterioration and odor.

Z-axis Silding Parts.

Turcite B is fitted on all sliding parts of Z-axis. Foreced lubrication system is provided for X & Z axis. Lubrication to each part is perfomed by timer cycle (30 min) after power on.

Hydraulic-drive Beam Elevation.

The beam elevation is driven by two hydraulic cylinder.

Technical specifications.

ITEM VTL-1600F/FC VTL-2000F/FC VTL-2500F/FC VTL-3000F/FC
Max. swing - mm (in) 1600 (63)

2000 (78.74)

2500 (98.42)

3000 (118.11)

Max. turning diameter - mm (in) 1600 (63)

2000 (78.74)

2500 (98.42)

3000 (118.11)

X axis - mm (in) -820+1,000 (-32.28+39.37)

-1,020+1,220 (-40.15+48)

-1,270+1,470 (-50.15+57.87)

-1,520+1,720 (-59.84+67.71)

Z axis - mm (in) 900 (35.43)

1000 (39.37)

1200 (47.24)

Table Dia. (Manual chuck) - mm (in) 1250 (49.21)

1600 (63)

2000 (78.74)

2500 (98.42)

Range of table speed - rpm 1~312




Spindle motor power - kw (HP) 45 (60.3)

55 (73.3)

75 (100)

ATC 12T / 36T (FC)