LEADWELL's mission is to constantly search for excellence and gain respect in the industry. Using our 25 years of experience, the entire staff at LEADWELL pledges to bring innovation, quality assurance, worldclass after sales service, and environmentally friendly machine tools to the worldwide marketplace.


We strive to win the respect of both our customers and world wide competitors alike.

Directly Coupled Servo motors.

The V/MV/MCV-Series servo motors are connected to the ball screws with rigid shaft couplings. These couplings ensure that even under severe loading from sharp corner machining, precise interpolation is achieved. This design is superior to both and flexible shaft coupling designs.

Double Nut Designed Ball Screws.

LEADWELL uses only premium quality preloaded double-nut ball screws. On the V/MV/MCV-Series machines each ball screw is accurately aligned parallel to the guide ways and anchored at both ends. They are then pre-tensioned to improve machine stiffness. The rotational torque variation is inspected to guarantee a non-binding, highly accurate, and long running component. With this design the V/MV/MCV-Series can exceed customer requirements for accuracy and maximum life.

Cartridge Type Spindle.

The heavy-duty spindle utilizes FAG, NSK or SKF bearings to allow heavy cutting. Oversized disk springs used to hold the tool in the spindle are tested for long life. The high retention force of the springs reduce tool movement, improve tool life, allow heavier cutting, reduce chatter, & create a better part finish. This spindle is prepared to easily add the CTS option.

Linear Guide Ways.

LEADWELL uses high quality linear guide ways that feature zero clearance and fully-loaded carrying capacity in all directions. The ways consume less power and requires no adjustments. They linear guide ways out perform all other types of ways used today. Additionally, each way is automatically lubricated independently to increase life.

4th & 5th Axis Rotary Table Option .

This 4th & 5th axis rotary table option boosts productivity by allowing more machining with a single set-up. It also can turn the V-series machine into a 4 Axis contouring machine which adds versatility.

Tool Probe.

LEADWELL's tool probe option measures both tool length and tool diameter. It uses macro programming to automatically define and update tool offsets. This option will ease setup,and check for broken tools.

Coolant Through spindle (CTS)option .

The optional CTS includes an auxiliary high-pressure pump, which supplies high pressure coolant to the cutting edge. CTS improves tool life, allows both deep hole driling and blind pocket milling. It also allows higher speeds, which reduces cycle time. This option can be easily added to any V-series machine.

Technical specifications.

ITEM V-20i
X axis travel - mm (in) 510 (20.1)
Y axis travel - mm (in) 350 (13.8)
Z axis travel - mm (in) 410+110 (15.7+4.3) 510 (20.1)
Table size (LxW) - mm (in) 600x350 (23.6x13.8)
Spindle speeds - rpm 8000
Spindle motor (30min) FANUC - kw (HP) 11 (14.7)

Standard Accessories.

  • RS232 interface
  • Rigid tapping
  • Fully enclosure guarding
  • Chip conveyor(auger type)
  • Work light
  • Alarm lamp
  • Heat exchanger
  • Remote MPG (v-50/60i/80i)
  • Coolant system including coolant tank
  • Lubrication system
  • Leveling screws and pads
  • Maintenance tool box
  • 8000rpm spindle
  • Air purge

Optional Accessories.

  • Remote MPG (v-20i/30i/40)
  • Big coolant tank
  • Extra coolant tank
  • 10000rpm spindle
  • 12000rpm spindle
  • Spindle oil chiller
  • Two speed gearbox
  • C.T.S preparation
  • Tool tip air blow system
  • Linear scales
  • Tool overload detection
  • Auto tool length measurement
  • Automatic workpiece measurement
  • Simple tool life management
  • Shower coolant system
  • Chip conveyor outside machine & chip bucket
  • oil skimmer
  • Coolant gun
  • Rotary table preparation
  • Manual tail stock for rotary table
  • Through hole drill kit
  • Auto counter for work piece
  • DNC link software
  • 30 tools magazine
  • Automatic power off
  • Transformer