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The sub-spindle replaces the standard tailstock on turning centers. A position CZi sensor is attached to the sub-spindle so the sub-spindle can then be synchronized with the main spindle. Special software allows the work piece to be transferred from the main spindle to the sub-spinale at any speed for secondary machining operations. This eliminates the need for operator intervention.

*Allows machining of both ends of parts.

Live Tool Turret.

The live tool turret replaces the standard turret on T-6 LSM turning centers. Each tool can then become a rotating tool for both milling and drilling operations. Tools can be either radially or axially oriented.


Power Turret Cutting Capacity
Tool 12 Live tools
Drill 10mm
End Mill 12mm
Tapping M10xP1.5

The Y axis design can decrease inaccuracy from machining and arithmetic error. (Patent no. M257917).

Cartridge Type Spindle.

The heavy-duty spindle utilizes high quality bearings to support heavy cutting.

  • Heavy duty A2-5 Spindle nose
  • Wide bearing spacing for high rigidity
  • Special heat treatment for critical parts
  • Highly accurate draw tube mechanism
  • Precision Labyrinth seal
  • Large diameter quill for high rigidity
  • Optimum spacing of front bearings to spindle nose for highest rigidity

All of which produces better part finish in less time.
Tailstock (for T-6MY).

Heavy duty tailstock with large diameter quill and precision #5 Morse taper provides outstanding rigidity.
The tailstock is drived by servo motor to increase the accuracy. Without the impulse when adjustment by hysraulic.

Machine in Action - Video Clip.


Technical specifications.

Max swing - mm (in) 450 (17.7)
Bar capacity - mm (in) 52 (2)
X axis - mm (in) 190+15 (7.48+0.59)
Z axis (LxW) - mm (in) 450 (17.7)
Spindle speeds range - rpm 6000
Chuck size - mm (in) 156 (6)

Standard Accessories.

  • RS232 interface
  • Fully enclosure guarding
  • Work light
  • Metric disc
  • Leveling screws and pads
  • Maintenance tool box
  • Buzzer
  • 3" jaw open center chuck
  • Foot peddle switch
  • Wide angle v-belt
  • Manual tailstock
  • VDI disc
  • Bullet proof glass
  • Spindle side coolant nozzle
  • C axis

Optional Accessories.

  • Tool setter
  • Parts catcher
  • Alarm lamp
  • Bar feeder
  • Auto door
  • Tool tip air blow nozzles
  • High pressure coolant
  • Collet chuck
  • Oil mist collector
  • Linear scales
  • Chuck with high / low pressure
  • Oil skimmer
  • Transformer
  • Air conditioner in cabinet
  • Chip conveyor outside machine
  • Chip bucket