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Cartridge Type Spindle.

The heavy-duty spindle high quality bearings to support heavy cutting.

Large diameter of front bearings to spindle nose for highest rigidity All of which produces better part finish in less time.




  • Heavy duty A2-8 spindle nose
  • Wide bearing spacing for high rigidity
  • Special heat treatment for critical parts
  • Highly accurate draw tube mechanism
  • Precision Labyrinth seal



Heavy duty tailstock with large diameter quill and precision Mores taper provide outstanding rigidity.

Quill adjustment is hydraulic.

Laser Calibration.

Lasers are used to measure the positioning accuracy of every machine over the full travel of each axis. Leadwell uses these measurements ot compensate any axis error so that each machine meets the high accuracy requirements.

Each machine is shipped with a positioning accuracy chart.

Cutting and Coolant Testing / 48 hrs Non-Stop Reliability Test.

Each machine must complete rigorous cuttings test to ensure machine integrity. Coolant tests guarantee that all components are working properly and that machine 100% leak proof.

Each machines is cycled for 48 hrs to help ensure the highest reliability

Chip Conveyor option.

This general purpose option can be added to any LTC-25SMY/MY turing center. Itis designed to remove steel,cast iron aluminum and bronze chips-thus eliminator operiodical machine cleaning.
Includes patented reversal feature to clear chip jams.

Parts Catcher option.

The unique LEADWELL parts catcher design works well with the bar feeder option to improve productivity. Parts are transferred outside the operator door, which eliminates the need to stop the machine to unload finished parts
This option can be easily added to any LTC-25SMY/MY series machine.
Used with the Bar Feeder option, the LTC-25SMY/MY becomes an unmanned machine.

Tool Setter option.

The tool setter has a touch sensor that can measure varying tool lengths and detect broken tools.It can be easily programmed to store all the tool information to reduce tool changing time.

Spindle Coolant Nozzle Option.

LEADWELL's spindle coolant nozzle delivers coolant directly to the workpiece for efficent chip removal and part cooling
This option also reduces operator intervention to clear chips.

Machine in Action - Video Clip.


Technical specifications.

Max swing - mm (in) 923.8 (36.4)
Bar capacity - mm (in) 77 (3)
X axis - mm (in) 218+62 (8.6+2.4)
Z axis - mm (in) 810 (31.9)
B axis - mm (in) 750 (29.5)
Y axis - mm (in) +/-50 (+/-2)
Spindle speeds range - rpm 35-3500
Chuck size - mm (in) 254 (10)

Standard Accessories.

  • Metric disc
  • Buzzer
  • FANUC controller (18i)
  • Wide angle V-belt
  • Heart exchanger
  • Full enclosed splash guard
  • 3" jaw open center chuck
  • Foot switch

Optional Accessories.

  • VDI disc
  • Tool setter
  • Programmable
  • Alarm lamp
  • Bar feeder
  • Auto door
  • Spindle air outer blow
  • High pressure pump
  • Chip conveyor
  • Chip bucket
  • Two speed gearbox
  • Collet bucket
  • Two speed gearbox
  • Collet chuck
  • Mist separetor
  • Oil mist collector
  • Manual tailstock
  • Transformer