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Rigid Spindle Head.

The compactly constructed spindle head reduces interference to a minimum during boring operation.
The distance between the spindle nose and the table center is only 225mm.
This results in higher stability during machining. The spindle head is equipped with a ZF gear box, providing higher torque output.

High Precision Spindle.

The spindle is machined from high quality alloy steel and runs on high precision bearings. The rigid precise spindled makes the machine excellent for boring operations. An oil cooler is equipped to ensure the spindle runs at a constand temperature with reduced temperature generation.
Three types of spindles to choose from: 2,500, 4,000 and 6,000 rpm.

Floating Type Tool Release.

With the floating type tool releasing feature, the spindle bearings are not damaged by an impact force when releasing the tool. The ensures the spindles accuracy and protects the bearings.

Side-mount Chain Type Magzaine: 40 or 60 Tools.

The chain type magzine provides various tool numbers to choose from such as 40 and 60 tools.

Box Ways on Y-axis.
Y-axis slideways are covered with Turcite-B for maximum wear resistance.
The two slidways are of a step construction with step difference of up to 70mm. This special structure design greatly increases the load capablility.
Hydraulic Counter-balance.
The spindle head employs hydraulic counter-balancing, providing smooth and stable head movement.
Outstanding Structure Design for Guaranteed Stability (on Model BMH-800L).
All structural parts are ruggedly constructed combined wwith neavy rib reinforcement. The outstanding machine structure desugn guarantees exceptional rigidity and stability.
4 linear guide ways on Z-axis provide extra firm support for heavy loads.
The machine structure features oil fluid separation to avoid fluid deterioration.
Therr axes travels are fully supported without overhang problem.
X / Z-axes utilize Japanese THK-NRS type linear guid ways which feature high rigidity and low friction resulting in longer machine life and lifetime accuracy.

Technical specifications.

X axis travel - mm 2000 1600
Y axis travel - mm 1100 1180
Z axis travel - mm 1200 1000
Table size (LxW) - mm 800x800x360D
Spindle speeds - rpm 4000
Spindle motor (30min) FANUC - KW (HP) 11/15 (15/18.5)
ATC (No. of Tools) 40
  X/Y/Z Box way X/Z Linear guide way