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Side-mount Chain Type Magzaine: 40 or 60 Tools.

The BMH-630 and BMH-630L are equipped with a 40-t001 chain type magazine as standard. 60-tool chain type magazine is optional for increased productivity. Bi-directional, random tool selection permits fast tool change in only 14 seconds (tool to tool). The chain type magazine accommodates BT-50 or ISO-50 tool shank.

Ergonomical, Pendant Type Auxiliary Control Panel.

The additional pendant type control panel is designed to facilitate workpiece setup and running test.

The control panel is easy to move in any operational position.

Indexing Rotary Table.

This high presicion rotary table provides rotary table provides outstanding axial indexing accuracy in 5/72 positions (1/360 indexing as option).

630 x 630 mm large table area allows for loading heavy workpieces of up to 1,500 kgs without sacrificing the indexing axxuracy.

Table with five 20mm T-Slots, 100mm apart and one 20mm T Slot across.

Extra Large Working Space.

SANCO BEM-630 and BMH-630L are specially designed with extra large intermal space.

This increases convenience when loading and unloading heavy workpieces.

Rigid, Box Type Base (on Modle BMH-630L).
Y-axis slideways are covered with Turcite-B for maximum wear resistance.
The two slidways are of a step construction with step difference of up to 70mm. This special structure design greatly increases the load capablility.
Outstanding Chip Removing Design.
The specially designed chip removing system not only keeps a clean interior but also saves time that would be spent on manually removing chips.

Technical specifications.

X axis travel - mm 1200
Y axis travel - mm 950
Z axis travel - mm 800
Table size (LxW) - mm 630x630x72D
Spindle speeds - rpm 4000
Spindle motor (30min) FANUC - KW (HP) 7.5/11 (11/15)
ATC (No. of Tools) 40
  X/Y/Z Box way X/Z Linear guide way