LEADWELL's mission is to constantly search for excellence and gain respect in the industry. Using our 25 years of experience, the entire staff at LEADWELL pledges to bring innovation, quality assurance, worldclass after sales service, and environmentally friendly machine tools to the worldwide marketplace.


We strive to win the respect of both our customers and world wide competitors alike.

Optional Accessories 1.











  • The Auto Tool Changer system improves the machining efficiency.
  • Magazine capability of 40, 60, 90 or 120 tools.
  • Clamping by hydraulic.
  • BT-50 or CAT-50 tapers are available.
Optional Accessories 2.

Trannsmission unit with Japan made gears for smooth and silent operation.

Optional Accessories 3.











  • Direct-driven 1600x1400mm rotary work table.
  • Rotary setting in 0.001 increments.
  • Additional table locking at any 90 increment to improve angular accuracy.
  • Loading capacity up to 7000kg.
Optional Accessories 4.

Super sized coolant unit,cooling spindle and gear box simultaneously.

Optional Accessories 5.

X,Y and Z axes with linear scales as standard for high precision machining.

Various Long Type Working Table (Available for BMH-1120W / 1132W / 1142W only).
  • A.(Width from Side to the First T-slot):100mm
  • B.(Width between T-slota):150mm
  • C.(Width):1400mm
  • D.(Length):2000, 3000, 4000mm
Various type of controller.
Professional Manufacturing 1.

LEADWELL CNC horizontal boring & milling machines are assembled by experienced technicials.
During the manufacturing procedure, they concentrate on every detail.
Our quality control inspectors are the best trained and most experienced in the industry.


LEADWELL's horizontal boring & milling machines have earned themselves a reputation for quality and precision from customers worldwide.
This is underlined by an impressive rate of repeated purchases.

Professional Manufacturing 2.

The 300mm spindle extension reduces the distance between the spindle nose and the center of the work table efficiently.

Professional Manufacturing 3.

LEADWELL employs state of the art design techniques, like the finite element method(FEM) to enhance accuracy and rigidity of the machines.


The German made high precission spindle has an inner diameter of 110mm. The travel of the embedded W-Axis depends on the machines design type: For the fixed column type it is 400mm.

For the movable column type the travel is 500mm, with an option to extend travel up to 700mm.

Leadwell CNC horizontal boring & milling machines.











  • BMH-1125RW / 1130RW / 1142 RW (Movable Column)
  • BMH-1120W / 1132W / 1142 W (Movable Column)
  • BMH-1120FRW (Fixed Column)
Perfectly integrated all structure to perform the optimal stability, excellence and steadiness.











  • The T-type design of the movable column structure enhances the accuracy and the mechanical rigidity.
  • The Z-Axis adopts 3 roller type linear guide ways with a total of 12 blocks for smooth movements and high rigidly.
  • The X & Y-Axes have square guide ways with tempered ad precission ground surfaces. If you prefer a fixed column you can choose the Model BMH-11020FW.

Technical specifications.

ITEM BMH-1120W BMH-1132W BMH-1142W
X axis travel - mm 2160 3200 4200
Y axis travel - mm 1800
Z axis travel - mm 1500
W axis travel - mm 500
Rotary table - mm 2000x1400 3000x1400 4000x1400
Spindle speeds - rpm 2500
Spindle motor (30min) FANUC - KW (HP) 18.5/15 (26/22)
ATC (No. of Tools) 40