• D-Y 800

    Semi Automatic Band Saws

    Dispa - Semi Automatic Band Saws - D-Y 800

D-Y 800.

Product specification.


  • Easy to use
  • Pushbutton-controlled automatic hydraulic clamping
  • Automatic pressure switch that controls the tension of strip
  • Gives the event of failures, and the failure of the warning display
  • Ribbon automatic stop in case of breakage
  • High quality electrical system working without any problem
  • Opportunity to choose desired speed during operation
  • Opportunity to control cutting speed
  • Stroke adjustment allows to save time by working with the appropriate dimensions and material
  • Cover switch for safety
  • Rear drive feed roll


Hydraulic blade tension Yes / Available -
Hydraulic vice Yes / Available -
Hydraulic top press No / Not available Optional
Feeding table Yes / Available 1000mm Standard
Micro Sprey No / Not available Optional
Speed device Yes / Available -
Turn table No / Not available -
Chip conveyor Yes / Available -
Chip brush Yes / Available -

Technical specification.

Parameter Value Unit
Round cutting capacity 800 mm
Square cutting capacity 800 mm
Lama cutting capacity 850x800 mm
+45° Round cutting capacity 480 mm
+45° Square cutting capacity 480 mm
+45° Lama cutting capacity 480x800 mm
Band Measurement 8750x41x1.3 mm
Cutting speed 20-100 m/min
Main motor 4 Kw
Hydraulic motor 1,5 Kw
Coolant motor 0,09 Kw
Conveyor motor 0,37 Kw
Material feeding height 585 mm
Lenght 4000 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 2550 mm
Weight 2600 kg